James Robertson Finally Gets His Car After Walking 21 Miles To Work Every Day For 10 Years

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Just one week after student Evan Leedy decided to raise some money for James Robertson to get a car, he has been given a brand new Ford Taurus by a local dealership.

The heartwarming story began with a local newspaper article about Robertson’s mammoth commute to work every day. He begins at 8am, and doesn’t get home until 4am.

The gargantuan trek involves the 56-year-old walking almost the equivalent of a marathon every single working day.

James Robertson gets into his brand new car

Leedy’s original intention was to raise around $500 for Robertson to go towards cab rides and bus fare, but his crowdfunding campaign had already reached $2,000 within an hour.

The campaign has now raised $351,000 (£230,000) to support Robertson in any way he needs.

A local car dealership has also donated a brand new red Ford Taurus – the exact car Robertson has been dreaming of.

“I don’t like it, I love it,” he said. “If only my parents could see me now.”

Robertson was unable to afford a new vehicle on his $10.55-an-hour salary after his last car broke down ten years ago.

Highlighting the economic problems in Detroit, Evan Leedy told Reuters he had been quoted $15,000 a year for Robertson’s car insurance.

Robertson can now stop leaving home so early, as his 21 mile commute will take just half an hour in his brand new ride.

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