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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Spend Valentine’s Day (Or Any Date) Checking Your Smartphone

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Whether or not you buy into Valentine’s Day, there’s one habit you should try to curb, and that’s checking your smartphone when you should be checking out your partner. It’s worse for those who have been in long-term relationships (you newbies will be flaunting your love in a public place somewhere), but banning your phone ...
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Dating And Relationships

Photo Of Grandpa Doing His Wife’s Hair After Her Surgery Will Give You New Couple Goals

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A loving grandpa has melted hearts around the world by helping his wife do her hair while she’s recovering from surgery. Amy Pennington posted the photo of her grandpa hard at work, with the caption: “My grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn’t do her own hair so my grandpa did it for her. ...
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Dating And Relationships

Divorce Lawyers Reveal The Common (Yet Sometimes Surprising) Things That Happen When Couples Split

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It’s well known that Christmas is often followed by a spike in the number of people getting a divorce.  In light of this, one inquisitive Redditor has asked lawyers the question we all secretly want to know the answer to: what’s the one thing clients always think is unique about their divorce, but is actually quite ...
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Best Free Fitness Apps, Activities And Classes To Help You Get In Shape Without Spending A Penny

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You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gym membership in order to up your fitness this January.  Whether you want to kickstart weight loss, tone up, run faster or just feel healthier, there are plenty of ways to get fit for free. From free classes inside some of your favourite activewear clothes shops to ...
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Dating And Relationships

Boyfriend Creates Handcrafted Fairytale Puzzle Book To Propose

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An ingenious boyfriend gave his girlfriend a marriage proposal with a difference by making her a fairytale puzzle book. Eric Page created the book for long-term partner Shirin, then shared details of his creation on Imgur and YouTube. “Growing up, Shirin loved to make fairytale story books for her family so, for the proposal, I ...
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GRAPHIC IMAGES: Parents Share Heartbreaking Moment Son Dies From Meningitis To Raise Awareness Of The Disease

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The heartbreaking moment an eight-month-old baby died in his mum’s arms has been shared in a bid to raise awareness of the disease. Louise and John Done, from Bolton, are still coming to terms with the loss of their son Harry, who died of Meningitis B in 2015, just a day after being diagnosed. The family ...
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